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Despite the fact that the cost of SEO-promotion is constantly growing, it is quite possible to promote a website for free, and the results can be very successful if you know exactly what and how to do it. Let's look at several methods that allow you to promote your site independently and for free, all of which have been tested in practice by many webmasters. The most significant plus of each of them is the lack of monetary investments or their minimization, and the minus is that you will have to devote your own time to this.

Link Exchange

One of the first ways to increase the popularity of the site and increase its link mass, which is suitable for sites of various types - from blogs to online stores. We wrote about the link exchange in detail in the previous article, and there you can read about the advantages and disadvantages of this method, as well as the nuances that await you in the process of working in this area.
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Guest Posts

A rather costly, but very effective method of free website promotion, which allows not only to increase the number of external links and improve positions by keywords, but also gives a certain PR effect, especially if the guest post is located on a thematic resource with high attendance.

In addition, well-prepared and useful articles for the target audience, in the case of their placement by the company, can improve the image and positioning as professionals in their field.

Comments on blogs

Hidden PR in the form of comments on thematic articles on various blogs and portals, in the form of provoking discussion or advice / recommendations on a particular topic, also works well, but the result will be noticeable if you do it regularly. It is important to filter the sites well before starting work, because you shouldn’t spend time working with resources that lack a sufficient level of activity.

Promoted catalogs

There are thousands of different catalogs, both thematic and diversified, on the RuNet, and even tens of thousands, probably less than a hundred of really high-quality ones. Here they are worth the time.

A link in a quality catalog will transmit at least a small, but weight, and since most have more or less stable attendance, you can also get referrals of interested visitors to the site.

City portals

Almost on every large city site there is a special section with a catalog of enterprises, where you can add your company’s address with other contact information. Adding extended data, in most cases, is a paid option, but even the basic capabilities should be enough to get bonuses in terms of promotion.

Subject Forums

Forums where the target audience of your website or online store communicates can become a constant source of traffic if you work closely with them. You can open a topic in which to lead the discussion of materials published on your site.

Another option - recommendations and tips in topics created by other participants. Also, a good way to get transitions to your resource is to buy links in the signatures of active forum participants who constantly communicate with them.

Ad Sites

The option of free promotion, which is more suitable for online stores than regular resources. The point is simple - we publish an ad, for example, on Salndo, with an offer of our products or services, and a link to the site itself or a specific page. Thus you can get not only conversions, but also sales.

Social networks

Although the percentage of transitions from social networks in most cases is rather small, but active work in this direction, for example, setting social buttons, can provide a certain flow of traffic on a permanent basis. The formation of communities as a group on a social network, at the same time, contributes to the formation of a loyal audience and around the web project itself.

In addition, you can order paid publications with a link to the pages of your site in various thematic groups and public.

YouTube video

Despite the seeming complexity, to create videos it is not necessary to be a professional cameraman or own expensive equipment. It is quite enough to create screen screencasts and a simple headset to record a small video test, which will then be used to promote the site.

For example, if you run a blog about computer programs, you can open a YouTube channel and post there small videos about the features of working with a particular program, thus increasing the number of subscribers and adding the address of your site to the description of each video.

Maps from Google and Yandex

Also an option that is more suitable for online stores and companies offering various services. Linking a site to a specific address on Google Maps and Yandex Maps allows you to get visitors from a search on this service. In addition, according to almost all queries in the search, the type of “service / product + city name”, the results by Maps are also shown in the output.

Manuals and instructions

Writing detailed manuals for a particular topic can attract the attention of the audience for which this information is really useful. In addition, the address of such an article can often be shared on a social network or recommended to friends. Such materials can easily be recommended in forums and in various communities, if it helps to solve a problem relevant to its participants.

Question and Answer Sites

This item is closely intertwined with the previous one, since the recommendation of a useful instruction or manual to participants of question and answer services, which with its help will solve their problem, looks natural and in most cases is skipped by moderators.

The most visited services of this kind are “Google Questions and Answers”, as well as “Answers@Mail.Ru”. If you work closely enough on this topic, you can not only get hundreds of clicks to your site, but also receive regular attendance from these services for a long time.

As you can see, the question of how to promote a website for free, there is not even one, but a whole set of answers in the form of proven methods that you can use in your work. It is possible that you will only need to use one method, but in any case it is worth trying all of the above to understand which method of free website promotion will be most effective.
Free and fast site promotion

In fact, in this sentence, the first and second parts are essentially mutually exclusive statements. Free promotion of the site in most cases involves manual work, which, respectively, requires a certain amount of time. But, independent work on promotion, allows you to save money that you can invest, for example, in the content content.

To do everything quickly, of course, you have to spend money. But, thanks to the methods listed in this article, you already know that a free self-promotion of the site is quite possible. Moreover, with the right approach, it is not only effective, but also allows the site to develop dynamically due to increased audience loyalty.

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